Writer, with Kids at Cari Luna’s blog

Cari regularly has guest writers who are parents answer a few questions or contribute an essay to her blog. My post is HERE–and in the far-right column there are links to many others from great writers like Peter Rock, Susan Choi and Jane Smiley…

Mr. Joshua Ferris: thank you.

Ferris writes about Elect H. Mouse State Judge for his Guest Books post at the Barnes and Noble Review.

All of Ferris’ own writing takes my breath away. Have you read the first perfect story of the Twenty-First Century? It’s “The Dinner Party.” Here it is. Read or reread it immediately.

Supreme Cloud Ear

Out of the Kitchen–Selected Shorts’ Lucky Peach event–can now be heard on WNYC’s website.

My story, “Supreme Cloud Ear,” is HERE, read by the charming Sarah Steele.

The whole program, including writing by Rosie Schaap and Peter Meehan, is HERE.


The Weeklings’ Editors Pick their Favorite Essays

Sean Beaudoin–who always writes with muscle, teeth, and wit–included the Blue Spark essays in his list.
You can read all of the editors’ picks HERE.



It’s my favorite new bar–one of the many things I’m going to miss dearly when I head back east from Kalamazoo.

I’ll be reading there Thursday, April 10, 7:00
With T Kira Madden and others
Hosted by Bridget G Dooley

440 East North Street


Atlas Review interview

Natalie Eilbert, the Editor-in-Chief of The Atlas Review (and wonderful poet) interviewed me HERE.

Issue #3 is about to emerge, and I’m totally thrilled to have a story in it.

atlas 3

Front Porch interview with Heather Lefebvre

Heather interviewed me for Front Porch, the journal of Texas State University’s MFA program.

The first part is HERE
and the rest is HERE, on the journal’s blog.

The L Magazine’s 15 Best Books of 2013. What an honor.

I’m delighted and somewhat floored to see Elect H. Mouse State Judge on this impressive list. 

Thank you, L.A. Review of Books and Claire Cameron.

From Claire Cameron’s incredibly sensitive and attentive review of Elect H. Mouse State Judge:

“Skipper is Barbie’s younger sister, a pony-tailed, flat-footed thing with only small bumps for boobs. If you recall Skipper from your own childhood, this book will make you cringe all the more. Reading Elect H. Mouse will summon up those long-ago memories with conflicting results. The juxtaposition of childhood toys doing nasty deeds creates odd, layered sensations. I was aware this story was a game and I was worried about what might happen next. I knew from experience that children’s games aren’t as pure as we pretend, but that’s an idea I typically ignore. Consider yourself warned: Elect H. Mouse is not for the sentimental-of-heart.”

You can read the whole thing HERE.

2013 lists; gratitude.

Flavorwire’s great Jason Diamond names his 10 favorite debut novels, including Elect H. Mouse State Judge, HERE. 

And Tor’s writers name their favorite books of the year HERERon Hogan talks about my book in  a lovely way.

Thank you, readers everywhere who write–and also those who don’t–that read and gave themselves over to the world of Mr. Mouse, Esq. in 2013.