Littlefoot wrote a song inspired by Elect H. Mouse State Judge. I can’t begin to describe its beauty, so you just have to listen for yourself:

Vessels by Littlefoot, with Katie Hammon and Richard Nolan

I first came across Littlefoot’s music when he wrote Groves after reading my story “The Grove” in McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern #37. Here’s that song.

While I was writing Elect H. Mouse State Judge I was compulsively listening to Neil Young’s On The Beach and Chrome Dreams. I think this song in particular made its way into the book.

I also had Lou Reed’s Street Hassle and Grinderman’s Electric Alice on repeat a lot of the time.

I remember roller-skating to this song as a kid. It kind of boggles my mind to think this came out between the two Neil Young albums I mentioned above. In the mid-70s, post-sexual-revolution and pre-AIDS, sex was everywhere. Dads unapologetically had piles of porn magazines next to their beds, and kids’ parents would swing with each other. So that’s what dolls did, too.