The good people of McSweeney’s and Audible have collaborated to bring you my story History Lesson in audio book form.

My piece Posthumous Letter from Conrad Poppenhusen to William Steinway appears in  Silent Beaches, Untold Stories: New York City’s Forgotten Waterfront from Damiani Editore. (Ed. Elizabeth Albert and Underwater New York.)

Ruben, a story written collaboratively with Shelly Oria, is in Issue 5 of No Tokens. You can read it online here.

!: The Movie was published by the startling and inspiring Atlas Review

Grandfather’s Nets was in the premier issue of Tweed’s magazine, from the good people who founded The Coffin Factory

Rollout is in the latest iteration of the grand old Story Magazine, thanks to editor Ryan Britt.

My long three-part essay about chance, death, love, 9/11, and a friend who became famous is here at The Weeklings:
Blue Spark Part I
Blue Spark Part II
Blue Spark Part III

“Supreme Cloud Ear,” 80% of which I wrote in the six weeks after I had my baby, and which would not exist without the superhuman patience of the great Eli Horowitz, was published in Lucky Peach 5, which can be purchased here.

“The Railway Nurse” appeared in McSweeney’s #18; “History Lesson” appeared in McSweeney’s #29; “The Grove” appeared in McSweeney’s #37.  All can be purchased here.

“Formica Dinette” was written for Underwater New York.

A.M. Homes was kind enough to publish my story Wakeup when she guest edited’s fiction issue.

“Nicodemus On the Glider” was published by the Fiddleback.

I tried satirizing online product reviews at Robert Lopez’s No News Today.

“Motel: Director’s Cut” was published by Tim Small’s wonderful Milan Review.

“the lake” was in jubilat 12, here.

“addicted to love” was in Sleepingfish 0.875

“Sugar” was published in beloved Post Road (Issue 5).

My piece about a dear friend’s art appeared in Post Road #18.

A piece about my father’s writing appeared in Post Road #16.  (It’s not online, but you can order Post Road here.)

“Teeny” is online at Failbetter.

“Personal Foundations of Self-forming Through Auto-identification With Otherness” is at the Barcelona Review, here.

Two stories with beginnings by Henny Youngman are here.